Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chair #2 Reveal

In case you missed chair number one, here's the link to how that one turned out.  I've only one more wingback chair to go, and then I have my sights set on an oversized chair/chair-and-a-half and an ottoman, which we have yet to find on Craigslist within driving distance.

I did cheat.  This is the exact same before picture as last time.  But....this is actually the real after post for that chair.

The only difference I should mention with this chair is that I failed to realize how cutting fabric could be different in terms of how much fabric I had to buy for this one.  Because it was a definite pattern, I had to be careful about which way I cut the fabric (and I didn't mess up, against Michael's bets!) But I ran out of about two inches of fabric on the edges of the back, which fortunately were covered by the actual backing.  So if you visit our house, don't look too closely at the back.  It is definitely a flawed piece, but only noticeable if you're within six inches staring at one particular corner in the back.

The next fabric is another geometric pattern (I'm wishing I stuck to florals or anti-patterns, in retrospect), but I'll have learned to cut my biggest pieces first. 

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