Thursday, August 28, 2014

I know I promised pictures of the chair.
It has sat 95% finished in my kitchen for the past four days.  Seriously, it only needs the bottom piping and the arm trim stapled on.  Everything is cut and sewn.  I just have to get the motivation to get out the air compressor and stapler again.

I also have some good excuses like a niece who decided to barge into the world two weeks early.
And selling treadmills and exercise bikes and scads of books, requiring a lot of post office time and meeting with buyers.  Hey, by the way: anyone need a classical guitar, an electric hollow body guitar, or a trombone?  :)
And spontaneous apple picking.
And tomatoes that obviously don't care when you have personal goals----they just need to be canned now.
And then there is the parenting bit....the ever-present training and teaching and training and training and training about self-control, our current Mount Kilimanjaro.
But I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll have some pics to show you.  Because it shouldn't take over a week to get fabric on a naked chair.
About that self-control....
Whose mountain is that to climb, anyway?

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