Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Every year, I ask the same questions to Million for Father's Day weekend.
Here is 2012
and 2013.

 Here's his interview this year.  

My Daddy's name is: Michael Jurrens
My Daddy is 3 years old.
His hair is kind of brownish-blackish and his eyes are hazel.
My Daddy's favorite food is Ethiopian food.
Daddy's favorite color is purple because he has a purple tie and a purple dress-up shirt.
My Daddy likes to work hard.
My Daddy's job is working hard at Mayo Clinic.
He's smart because he thinks he's smart.
My Daddy works hard at making our apple tree that is going to grow.

Daddy always tells me jokes.
I'm happy when Daddy works hard on my bedroom even though he has not gotten a chance after he's done with the chicken coop.
I love my Daddy because he is my favorite.

By Million, age 4.

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