Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Last year I did this interview with Million for Father's Day.  Here are his answers for this year.

My Daddy's name is: “D-A-D-D-Y Daddy” (We’ve been working on spelling lately…)
My Daddy is 3 years old.
His hair is brown and his eyes are blue.
My Daddy's favorite food is pasta.
Daddy's favorite color is blue.
My Daddy likes to play with me.
My Daddy's job is typing.
He's smart because he knows _______________.
My Daddy works hard at playing outside with Million.

Daddy always tells me "in our family we choose to be joyful."
I'm happy when Daddy tickles me.
I love my Daddy because Daddy is so happy.

By Million, age 3.

He also chose a Father's Day card for Michael with a race car on the front of it, with a message about exhaust and fumes on the inside.  Classy, right?  

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