Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Purging and Re-Building

Pinterest project that actually worked well, for staging purposes.  Two lamps for $4, spray paint for $7. 

Messing with the arrangement of my china pass-through.
We've been in purge mood for over a year. 
So this moving thing should be a piece of cake, right?
Chortle. Guffaw. Snort.

This last frontier of packing is the horribly bad trudging and mucking part.

When we first got married, I was fresh out of college, so that college-lifestyle stuff all came to our first apartment/townhouse.  And Michael was in the military and had stuff in three different houses at the time.  So all that came along. Then we bought this house, and it was a huge fixer upper project, so I never got around to decorating it quite the way I wanted.  And all of the cheap stuff we registered for when we got married started breaking.  So I compromised and let in a bunch of things that weren't exactly beautiful or useful.  And William Morris shakes his head at me.   ("Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.")

It's all stuff that I genuinely don't like.  But it's useful stuff.  And who wants to bring a bunch of ugly-useful stuff that they don't like to their next house?  Not me. 
But I'm also wrestling with being budget conscious and a fiscally responsible Christian.  I don't want to simply give stuff away because I want a fresh slate. 

So I wanted to blog about it, so I remember that:

in our next house we will not buy things on clearance solely because they are on clearance.
in our next house we will not take free furniture or things if we don't genuinely like them.
in our next house we will be willing to wait or do without until we get something that satisfies us.
in our next house, my dresser top will not be the place where kids' medicines and conditioners find a permanent home.  (that one doesn't relate.  it just needed to be said.)

I once again drove by the house that we're desiring today.  It was pouring rain, and the lawn is getting very overgrown.  (I don't mind it, if it keeps people away from the house...) It was actually very helpful to do so.  It helped me remember that despite it's absolute perfect location, there will be rainy days in that house, should we become the next owners. There will be upkeep required.  Lawns will not always be perfectly manicured. 

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