Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adoption Mama Fail

So you know that thing about moving to a new house?
You remember that thing about BonAmi going to a "new family?"


Million thought he was going to a new family and that there would be nannies that take care of him at the new house.
I discovered this last week.

Our little boy is so bright, so very bright, but these basic things---things like "Mama and Daddy will ALWAYS come back for you"---that we've repeated over and over and over again still haven't made their way from his head to his heart.  

Our temporary bandage on that insecurity right now is constantly talking about his having Creedence for a roommate in our new house or things that we'll do as a family in our new house.  I'm hoping that the knowledge that Creedence will be there with him will be enough to remind him that, yes indeed, we'll all be there with him. 

Then there was the time when I said "I don't know if we'll have a kitchen counter at our new house or not."  And life got scary again for him. 

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