Friday, June 14, 2013

It's kind of exciting to be wiping our slate clean, so to speak.
Of course, not All-the-Way clean.
Michael's keeping the same job.

I'm at the point where I'm losing steam in my packing process.  It's just not at the "fun" point anymore.  We have 16 days until listing day, and we have more projects to do than fingers and toes in our family with which to count them.  I would rather contemplate paint colours for the imaginary house we'll be living in.  Imaginary because we really don't actually know if we'll have a formal dining room in this next house or not.  (I accidentally mentioned to Million that we don't know if he'll have a spot to sit at an island counter at our next house...Mama fail.)

I'm hoping to do the trick with our storage unit where after everything is said and done, if we don't even notice its absence after four or five months, then I'll really determine if we actually NEED the item or not.  We'll see how that goes. We're actually only looking for about 100 to 300 more square feet of living space.  The house we are in currently does not use its living space well (I don't think the prairie pioneers in 1882 were thinking about housing needs in 2013).  I would like to be able to keep our new house simple and uncluttered.  That will be a huge challenge for me.  One of my sisters-in-law is amazing at the clean-lines, uncluttered lifestyle.  She is also very type A.  I wish I could be both of those.   

We have a couple goals in moving.  One is to move to a location that will enable us to become debt-free more quickly through means of cost effectiveness and a potential larger small business in a year or so.  Secondly, is to enhance our identity as a self-contained family unit--finding a new butcher, baker, AND candlestick maker without family ties or connections.  Thirdly, we want a greater amount of diversity and cultural acceptance.  That would be another blog post for another day, but let me just summarize by saying this:  When we went through our first and second homestudy for Million, we were asked what we were willing to do to acclimate him to both Ethiopian and black American culture and to promote an atmosphere of cultural diversity.  We answered that we were willing to move for it.  We didn't expect to move for another two years, but some events in many spheres of our lives have convinced us it's time now rather than later. 

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