Thursday, June 12, 2014

400-Item Purge Update And Some Things I Love

I did take some photos.

 But then I got bored.
Because who wants to take pictures of sack after sack of donations?
I made it.
Over 400 items donated, and over 10 bags of trash.
And sadly enough, I feel like our house could still use another 400-item week.
But not this week.

My big areas that really helped me out were decluttering our craft area, medicine cabinet, and then a random bag of 100+ cookie cutters and 40+ tupperwares that I had forgotten to unpack in our move.  We obviously haven't needed them yet, so it was time for them to go.

I actually didn't touch our clothing this time.
Usually my clothing is the first thing to go...

So much so that I own three pairs of jeans.
Two public-wearable pairs of jeans.
I am brutal when it comes to my wardrobe.
So I didn't touch it this time.

Michael and the boys, however, could use a little work, but I promised Michael I would leave his stuff alone this purge.

So we still have a large flat-screen non-working television, about 40 video games from our garage sale last May, and Michael's ample dresser drawers....untouched.

Now after taking pictures of junk/garbage, I wanted to take pictures of things that make me happy that I'm keeping around.

This water infuser.  I should write a post about some sneaky and fun ways I've been getting the boys to drink a lot of water lately.

 I could easily buy 80,000 bottles of Orla Keily Method spray.  This tomato vine one smells exactly like tomato vine.  Their Hollyberry scent that came out at Christmas was Christmas in a can.

I don't mind spending a little more money on good-smelling cleaning products, because if they smell good, then I use them more, and when I use them more, the house gets cleaner.
Then this next picture is a tradition Michael has started with Million.  We were watching Cranford the other night, and Judi Dench's character talked about how her father had her write twice in a journal each day, one in the morning to write about how she imagined the day would go, and once in the evening to update how it actually went.  So Michael wanted to start this with Million.  It's been so much fun.  (Our sneaky way of having Million talk to Michael about any infractions without making it a Mommy tattle-fest.)  And these journal entries will make Million laugh so hard someday.
 Then lastly, I had to post this.  We did our first obedience-directed art project today.  I would paint a line in a certain color, and then have Million paint as similarly as he could to that line.  Million wanted to draw Daddy with a D.
He did.....well, he did great for his first effort.  I'll take it.

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