Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Final Spring Cleaning Purge

I'm in a spring-cleaning mood.
I mean, I just rearranged my entire living room this morning.  Involving the piano.

So this is my announcement that by next Wednesday, I will have the arbitrarily assigned number of 400 things to give away (or throw away).

I'll post picture proof.  I'm a goal setter.  And I always set my goals big.  (And I conveniently have a basement storage unit with boxes STILL unpacked from our move...)

But I'd like to invite you to join me on a smaller scale.  
7 things every day.  For seven days.

You could get rid of 49 things in your life that you hate, don't love, or don't use.
Think of the freedom you'll feel.
Just get rid of it.
Start with your fridge.  Certainly there are 7 things in there that could be expired.
Or wait.  That's just me.

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