Monday, April 7, 2014

Wooden Objects Around Our House and a Completely Unrelated Music Video

This chair is going to be a planter.  I'm going to paint it, and then we're going to build a cedar planter box to attach underneath.  But for now, it makes a lovely containment area for a grouchy toddler.

A couple years ago, Michael built me a fabulous coffee bar in our old house.  

The shelf from the coffee bar is now hanging in our garage for our outdoor jackets.  Funny how time changes things...It's still painful to read posts from that season in our lives.  I guess that's part of the reason I keep this confounded blog going.  

We spent a lot of our time outdoors this weekend, and I am extraordinarily grateful that God allowed the weather to be so pleasant.  Please note that my "pleasant" would be anywhere north of 30 degrees and south of 80.  (I'm going to love France.) Our bed's drawers need to be finished, so Michael is trying to get the space in our garage to finish that project before he opens his crate business again, while in the midst of a complete overhaul in our basement.

 In the meantime, I brought in the remaining leftover crates indoors.  I'm not sure what I'll do with all of these ones, since I've already snagged about eight or nine crates for personal use around the house.  But eventually we'll get rid of them.  These are all that is left from the 90 or so he made for a craft fair last spring.

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