Sunday, April 6, 2014


I rearranged what will be just Creedence's room and tried Creedence out on the day bed.  He will be staying in a crib for a while yet.  He is trouble.

 I realized that I haven't actually ever posted many of the photos of the house that I promised.  Since it's Sunday, and the boys were out in the morning (we go to our church's Saturday evening service as a family), I got a chance to clean up a bit.  I thought I'd share two rooms at a time, and MAYBE get the house documented at that pace.  Here are our dining room and living room.  One of the reasons we bought the house (aside from the fact that everything else was too much work) was the large amount of natural light in the house.  Our old house was really dark inside.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, the natural light has a way of exposing all of the dust on the floors, so I have been sweeping and vacuuming 8000 times more than I ever did in our old house.  Vacuuming every day and sweeping about three times a day.  And still the boys create havoc.

Lastly, I decided to chop my hair this week.

It was a little shorter than I usually go, when I get my pixie cuts, but it will grow.  In two weeks to a month it will be the perfect length.


  1. OK, I read your blog, but never comment, but can't help myself: your hair is super cute.

  2. I love your hair!!