Monday, November 24, 2014

That Word: Body.

Today in 21 words:  Bread baking, essential oil ordering, Christmas shopping, cloth diaper washing, soup making, reading, grocery list writing, mothering, cheese eating, and heartburning.  

That last one wasn't really a word.  I made it up.  My creative juices are coursing through every vein in my body.

You know how I didn't have a "word" of the year this year?
I've already decided my word of the year for next year.

You all are rolling your eyes since I'm not only skipping Thanksgiving but Christmas in my mental meanderings.  (Isn't she supposed to be writing some sappy post about what she's grateful for?)


That's my word.  It's been showing up repeatedly in many mental corridors.  It's stalking me.

But who wants to write a blog post around December 31st when everyone else is choosing words like "serenity" or "flexibility" or "relationships."  (You sweet things.)

Obviously there are some physical implications of this word.  But there are relational and spiritual elements to it as well....which I'm sure I'll flesh out when I'm feeling more verbose.

Really....who chooses "body" for their word of the year?  
Apparently I do.  
After it chases me down.

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