Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two new things that made it into our grocery cart this time around.
Michael gave Million a choice between dried blueberries and dried figs.  Figs won out.

And I have a hidden stash of grapefruit that the boys will NOT find out about.

It was this guy's second birthday today.  We had a simple "just us" celebration.  He got one present, an apron made to look like a firetruck, which the boys will realistically share.  

We read about 18 books, some more than once (and this is my reminder to myself to switch out our books on our "upstairs" bookshelf...I need some new ones to read to the boys, or I'll go crazy).  Then Michael read some of the same books to Creedence when he got home from work, but translated some of them into French.

Now we're settling in for a quiet evening of watching eBay auctions and playing solitaire.  And sending each other semi-coarse memes about essential oils.  Because they're funny.  Like this.


And Happy Thanksgiving.

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