Friday, November 21, 2014

Master Bedroom Beginnings

I should really provide a lot of commentary with this post...
Because it's not an "after" post.  
It's a "in progress" post.

I wanted to update you all that, yes, indeed I have made progress on our master bedroom.
(Even if the progress just involved getting all the junk out of our room and in give away/throw away/put away piles... in the dining room.)

Basically, the commentary boils down to the fact that there are some structural things (closet doors and putting on the front plates to the drawers of the bed that Michael made) and other things (hanging art) and some purchases to be made (new lamps, window treatments, and accessories, probably in aqua and gold)....but you get an idea.  

We also will eventually either paint or plank this room.  I may be leaning towards paint. 

don't judge the laundry pile...our laundry basket is in the laundry room right now, because I *just* washed clothes yesterday

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