Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Newsy Project-Filled Day

Day one of no facebook went astonishingly well.  Bear with me for being newsy.  I haven't met my adult interaction stimulus quota for the day.

We went to the farmer's market this morning, we made our family trip to the home improvement store, and then my dad came over to help Michael with some electric wiring for our basement renovation.  While they worked, Creedence napped, and Million and I made these homemade hamburger buns.  They turned out fabulously.  

I got all of the major sewing done on the armchair today....which turned out to be more sewing than I anticipated.  Last night, Michael diagnosed my sewing machine with a cracked bobbin casing, so I did all my sewing today on my mom's machine.  Brought me back to 1998, when I was making my first dress out of green silk with that sewing machine.  Or there was the red/orange plaid dress in 2000 on the same machine.   

Anyway...on to the photos.  This part of reupholstering is fun.  And I haven't even gotten to the stapling yet.  I promise this is the wildest of the three chairs' fabrics.  The others are two-color geometric patterns.  I figured that I never get to use floral patterns anywhere, and Michael might let me hide a floral armchair for myself in the bedroom.  I am now seeing that I'm going to need to have a solid navy blue afghan on this chair to bring out the navy I originally wanted (stupid online color variances) and to tone it down a bit.  Another project for another day.
 I had never done piping with filler cord before.  It was a challenge, but I figured it out after a bit.
 And it was my first time reusing an old zipper in a project.  I haven't sewn a zipper for about 10 years.
"They" always say to do things that scare you, and this project genuinely scares me.  But it also fascinates me and piques my curiosity.  Every time I cut into the fabric, I cringe, thinking about all of the possible mistakes I could be making.  So by the third chair, I hope to be over this fear.

 Last night, Michael helped me get my Katie Daisy prints up on our dining room wall...Next to our modern art architectural showcase  mudding.  The previous owners took no consideration of the size of holes they put in the walls...  We'll paint eventually, but for now, I get to see happy things next to the mud.  Hopefully I'll eventually get a better photo of these where the bottom picture is not tilted, but for now this is what you get.
 I got to see one of my aunties last night, which is a rarity.  She traveled all the way up from The South to spend some time with a friend and brought me this burlap wreath that she made.  I love it.
Also, my mom came over today and got Creedence's room primed and the beginning portion of it painted with the white-blue that we chose for it.  This was our first paint in this house.  Only took us 9 months.  I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow and then get the vinyl wall decals up by Tuesday, so I'll have something to write about here.  

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