Monday, July 14, 2014

It's that time of year where our garden starts to lose its mind and grow into a wild beast, not at all conscious of borders or neat rows.  Things are a lot more unkempt in their appearance.

We were able to harvest our first beets this morning.  The boys will be genuinely excited when I cook these.  Unfortunately,this morning there was not enough for Michael and I to have on our salads, but we have about 50 more beets to go.

The top paint on this paint strip is the paint colour I chose for Creedence's room.  It's all painted now, but I can't take a decent photo of it.  It's a blueish white, and it looks cozy and inviting----just the kind of place for a Bonnie Prince and his future sidekick to curl up and sleep.  Hopefully I'll get the vinyl decals up this evening or tomorrow.

Since I wasn't able to use the staple gun while the boys were sleeping last night (or right now for that matter), I went back to this project.  These little squares... I'm 1/6th of the way on stitching their borders, and then I'll get to move onto the easy crochet part.

 And since I needed a mental refresher, here are the fabrics for the two other wingback chairs that will sit in our living room.

Tonight and tomorrow night, I'll be attending an online parenting e-conference.  I'm looking forward to being refreshed and inspired.  I'm also beginning a week-long purge in our house again.  I'm going to aim low this time and shoot for only 100 items out of the house by next Monday. 

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