Friday, July 11, 2014

Leaving Facebook For a While in Search of Beauty and Forgiveness

You know that feeling when you have eaten four chocolate chip cookies and your throat is covered in sweetness to the point where you are beginning to hate sweetness and hate that you even wanted a cookie to begin with.... and your stomach is telling you that you're about to have heartburn for the Rest Of Your Life?

Unconfessed sin is like that.

I was talking to Million three days ago about how God placed us on the earth to cultivate it so that we could show His character and bring Him glory.  And that's also why mommy has to check Million's attitudes, because Mommy is cultivating Million's heart.

Then we moved on to sanctification and how the Holy Spirit is cleaning sin out of our lives, and that's why we clean our house, because it's a reflection of the Holy Spirit's work in us, and we are showing God's character to world around us.

And something in my heart went *boing*.

I've been struggling lately with forgiveness.  And with showing a love that covers a multitude of wrongs.  I'd rather keep score, honestly....especially if you hurt my kids or don't love my kids well enough.  You know, the standard "Mama Bear" rage and snarky feelings that get glorified in this day and age.

And I've been prompted over and over again that my attitude is not right.  I'm a person who has been blessed/cursed with a conscience in overdrive.  But I've ignored this looming issue for too long, and it's grown to the point where it's as if I've not only eaten four chocolate chip cookies but also the entire case of ice cream at Baskin Robins.

So I'm taking a self-appointed facebook break for an undetermined period of time because people are there, and forgiveness is needed, and I'm struggling with the balance therein.  I'll still be posting here....because one of my goals in this break is to focus on God's beauty, and how He gives us beautiful things just because He wants to bring us pleasure and because it reflects His nature.  He's the God who created cinnamon, sunrises, snails, rainstorms, seascapes, cotton, turtles, cayenne, and coffee...just because it pleased Him to do so.

I'm rededicating my summer to cultivating the world around me and making it beautiful and a reflection of God's character.

I'm guessing life without Facebook's constant stream of mindless chatter will be a little quiet...I'd really appreciate it if you took a moment every so often to comment or write questions here.  And if any of you blog lurkers want to come out to play, I would love some new blogs to read.   

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  1. I'm taking a break from FB too! : ) I'll keep stopping by here to read your blogs--I'm always encouraged by them. I started a new blog (after a long hiatus). It's sort of a hashing out of what God is doing in my heart, and we'll see where it goes... ; )