Thursday, May 1, 2014

What We're Reading and The Bonnie Prince's Illness

I have bought about 30 pounds of strawberries in the last three weeks and have frozen most of them for summer smoothies.

Two days from now is the cupcake sale.  I am looking forward to 2 p.m. on Saturday, when all that's left is the cleanup.

I verbally committed to Michael last night that I will have all three chairs reupholstered by July 4th.
That might be a tad ambitious.  But they're all the same chair, so once I get the first one done, the other two should be much more simple and quick.

The Bonnie Prince has been fairly sick with a stomach virus and a cold this week.  But he is pleasant about it.  He just wants to snuggle and read books.  He's begun speaking a few more words, but usually only around our immediate family.  (Won't even show off for grandparents...)  The ones he has acquired this week are "hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?, big boy, baby, bacon, bye-bye." (Care to give a guess what letter is his favorite this week?)

We began school in earnest this week, and Million is thriving.  I honestly thought I was planning too much for us to go through....but when we get down to it, it only takes about an hour in total...if that.  And he usually begs for more.  Michael is reading the boys The Tale of Despereaux as a goodnight storybook right now.   We do Million's school during Creedence's naptime, and Creedence gets his Beatrix Potter fix during Million's naptime.  It just works that way.

Michael has been reading The Three Musketeers at nighttime, for his own pleasure, and I've been reading a few books.  I'm looking to read some Wendell Berry, sometime, as I've only read some poetry of his...never his fiction.  Have you read any of his works?  Have you got any fantastic reading recommendations for this summer...AFTER I finish the chairs?  (smirk)

I'll likely post pictures of the cupcake sale and preparation for that, just for my documentation... Be warned.

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