Monday, May 5, 2014

Cupcake Sale Is Over

Well, we survived the cupcake sale.  It was fairly chilly and windy, so the sale had to stay in our garage.

And for the eighty millionth time, I am so thankful to have a garage. (We've never had one..)

During some of the slower bits of the cupcake sale, I got out into the sunshine and tore out a few hundred more staples.  Isn't it lovely?  I'm getting so close!

As far as the cupcake sale went, we made more than we expected.  
And we vowed not to do anything like that again, willingly.

It was fun learning a new thing (since I'd only made cupcakes once in my life before February.)
I enjoy learning things.
But I also enjoy not being up front on things.
I'm not a good presenter...Michael is.
Neither of us are good at asking people for money.  (Part of the reason we're planning a "tentmaking model" of missions when we move to France instead of working directly with a missions organization.)

Anyway.  It's done.  We made money for an organization.  And I got some good de-upholstering in.  

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