Monday, February 24, 2014

totally ignorant, totally passive, and totally dependent

The first thought may be a recognition of one's ignorance and vulnerability as a consumer in the total economy.  As such a consumer, one does not know the history of the products that one uses. Where, exactly, did they come from?  Who produced them?  What toxins were used in their production?  What were the human and ecological costs of producing them and then of disposing of them?  One sees that such questions cannot be answered easily, and perhaps not at all.  Though one is shopping amid an astonishing variety of products, one is denied certain significant choices.  In such a state of economic ignorance it is not possible to choose products that were produced locally or with reasonable kindness toward people and toward nature.  Nor is it possible for such consumers to influence production for the better.  Consumers who feel a prompting toward land stewardship find that in this economy they can have no stewardly practice.  To be a consumer in the total economy, one must agree to be totally ignorant, totally passive, and totally dependent on distant supplies and self-interested suppliers. 
Wendell Berry

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