Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Open My Eyes to Nonfiction

This wasn't posed.  He likes finding matching pictures in the cover and inside pages.
About a month ago, we introduced Million to the nonfiction section of the children's library.  His world has been rocked.  He is such an endearingly odd duckling in many ways.  He's brilliant, social, and determined.  But he is also this amazingly complex little individual with distinct desires and demands.

And now I am required to bring a stroller every time we go to the library, because between Creedence and our books, we're talking upwards of 80 pounds leaving the library in my arms.  And it's a long walk to the car.

I have never been privileged to see a child's first reaction to nonfiction.  I wish that every child could have a pleasant interaction like Million did, although I know from my experience that it isn't the case. 

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at his love for nonfiction.  All he ever sees me read is nonfiction.
It is fairly rare that I allow myself the pleasures of a novel, because I have no self-control when it comes to fiction. 

okay that was enough of a procrastination...
Remember how I wrote up a menu plan for the entire year? 
Hardy har har...
Well, it's not going to fit into our lifestyle now, because I used mostly paleo and low-carb meals.
Paleo and low-carb meals are high on meat.
And we're planning on changing how we eat meat.
(yet again...)

So I get to rewrite a menu plan...
Suppose I should get working on that.  Sigh. 


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