Friday, February 21, 2014

I've been wrestling with a lot of questions lately.

None of them are black-and-white questions.

Almost all of them begin with "What is my responsibility in how I...."

A lot of times, old-timers look at 20-something's and say "man, that was my defining decade."
So... I'm late to the party.
My 30's are looking to be my defining decade.
Especially if God can and will use all of this stuff that is floating around in my brain and all of the things I'm learning about application of Biblical principles and moral and ethical obligations.

In other news.  Chickens.  It looks like we may get them this year after all.
Michael found out that we are allowed 8 to 12 chickens if we're using them for educational purposes.  If by educational purposes, you mean teaching a 4-year-old that his food does come from animals and to value the life that has been given in order for his sustained energy, then yes, we are educational in nature.
But I'm still trying to wrap my head around 3 or 4 chickens...the "non-educational" amount.
This boy, of course, is elated.  He asked if we could have "hens and then a cow?"  I said, "No, our city will allow some hens but not cows."  He said, verbatim, "Certainly, when we move to France, they will allow cows."

A good dose of reality might be in order.  But right now, I'll let him be excited about the chickens. 

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