Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things I wish I had Known, and Things I plan to type about

There are some things I wish I had known in this stage.
Things about typical phases of childhood that didn't require discipline, just patience.

Things I'm wishing we could go back and do:
hug more.
reassure more.
do more sensory play.
cherish moments more.
say a lot more "I love you's"
speak more gently.

It really really REALLY sucks that Million has to bear the weight of our experimentation/failures as parents.

In the next few days/weeks, I plan to type a little bit about:

- movie/book character adulation, and how we're dealing (or not) with it
- stranger danger teaching and the complexities with a child who still has some attachment problems
- one of our best strategies for dysregulation
- talking about babies (and belly buttons) when you don't know the exact details of your child's birth

This list looks like I'm going to come at these topics with a little more expertise than I feel I've got.
Honestly, daily it's a struggle.  It's still a mixed bag.  I never know when something is going to be over his head or over his ability to handle in an appropriate way.  I do know that he is a highly verbal processor.  And I know that I'm a verbal processor too, when I have a chance to type or write in my journal.  So I'm looking forward to getting these thoughts out of my head and onto a screen.  

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