Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Baby and Trusting In God

There's a song that we made up for Million that says "Trust in God is remembering every day that God loves me and will take care of me."

It's one of those songs that I need to hear.  Every day.
One of those reminder songs.

This morning I had an ultrasound appointment.  (Surprise, surprise! We are pregnant.  This is not exactly the way I had envisioned this announcement post.)

However, the baby is measuring several weeks behind, and they weren't sure if they saw a heartbeat or not.  So we'll have a repeat ultrasound in two weeks to see if this is a "viable pregnancy" or not.

Any doctor appointment where they hug you at the end (and do the "comforting" back rub) and tell you "just pray that everything will be better in two weeks" kind of sucks.

Trusting in God seems to be the theme of my week.  We'll be finding out later on this week what the state of Ethiopian adoptions will be.  We'll also be finding out next week whether or not Creedence needs some surgery.

Because I'm an introvert, I would rather just curl up in a ball, under the covers, and not see anyone in the entire world (aside from Michael and the boys) for two weeks (or three).  I'm not good at being vulnerable and transparent.  I'm also not entirely predictable in how I respond emotionally to tough circumstances.  (I absolutely *hate* hugs and "comforting" back rubs, and that seems to be what people around me like to give.)

This is one of those topics that I wouldn't *typically* blog about, considering how vulnerable and transparent it demands that I be.  But I thought it would be a good exercise for me in being open, and I thought it might bring some balance to how I portray life on this blog---with the temptation to skew it in favor of a Pinterest-worthy life. Our life as a family holds a lot of challenges that I don't address, but as this one doesn't violate Michael or the boys' privacy, I couldn't see a reason NOT to blog about it.

So in any case, here we sit...We got disappointing news.  And we're trusting God.  Not trusting Him that everything will turn out perfectly.  But that everything will turn out according to His will.  


  1. Oh, Heather. We will be praying very hard for you, Michael, and the unborn baby. Waiting and not knowing is so hard. Please know that you are very loved and that lots of prayers are going up on behalf of you both and the baby!

  2. Thank you for your honesty, Heather. I will be praying too!!!

  3. Praying for BOTH of your babies, Heather.