Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hand and Tooth Hygiene, and The Lack of a "Word" for the Year

Dear 2014,
I'm not "choosing a word" this year.
I've found that when I've chosen words in the past, they have been what I intended to accomplish in my life, but my secret heart just wanted God to magically create those things in my life.  *poof* Heather is now the most organized, compassionate, redefined woman in the world!

Simplicity.  Intentionality. Structure.  Health.  You get it.

And coming off a year which just didn't "match" the words I chose, I think it's best to wait until the end of the year and then decide a common theme.  That way, I don't become cynical or bitter when God doesn't magically poof the words into existence in my life.

My two words for 2013, health and structure, were laughable.
While we didn't struggle from any serious health battles, we were sick much more than we usually are.
And structure?  Hardy har har.  Deciding to move, getting rid of our dog, selling our house within a month, then finding a house, designing a major home-based business plan, and then God decides to move our hearts to France?  And some other things too...

So word of the year, out you go. 
I have goals, yes. 
A very basic level this year.
For the boys, we're focusing on hand and tooth hygiene, if that says anything about how high the cookies are placed on MY shelf.... :)

For Michael and I, we're focusing on budgeting, menu planning, and learning French.  And I've been using the last three or four weeks to implement our goals already, so that 2014 is a much smoother year, whatever quirks or oddities God may throw in our path. 

As far as this blog goes, I'm hoping to blog more, although it may be more pictures than words.  I'd like to show you all some of the completed crocheting and knitting projects I'm accomplishing, and since I've already got the entire year menu-planned, I may blog one or two new attempts at recipes. 

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