Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas

Unless health fails or heaven descends, I plan to take a break from most internet activity until the new year.
Not really for any spiritual self-ascetic reason.  Just because.

I guess you could blame it on France.  Or New House.  Or Children.

But mostly because the things I appreciate most in life (love languages, if you're familiar with all that) are receiving gifts that were purchased with my unique personality in mind and spending intentional focused time with my loved ones.

And sometimes my love bucket gets a little low, and I start crabbing and cranking at people. 
So I'm working on filling my love bucket back up.

I've got the gifts thing taken care of.  Million and Creedence don't know it, but they just purchased me some fun items on our last trip to Target.  50% off.  Not only are they thoughtful, but frugal as well! Someone is going to wrap the gifts, and OH what a surprise it will be!

And the intentional time?  We just need it. 

So to you and yours, have a blessed Christmas.
May you savor the Saviour.
May your love buckets be filled.

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