Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Well-Behaved New Neighbors

We took Million through 14 houses yesterday.
Smart parenting move, right? went really well---he was thrilled about just Million/Mama/Daddy time and getting to be a big boy and "help choose a house"...up until about the 12th house when he melted down in the backyard and rolled around on the ground crying and putting on a class-act show for our realtor.
Oddly enough, that's the house we're putting an offer in on today.

I'm hoping this house is the house for us because I like the layout of the main floor.
It's fairly open and has what my dad would call a large "racetrack."  (Doorways and rooms that can form a circle for little boys to run around repeatedly.)
The only problem with this house that I can foresee is that it has too much storage.
A problem?
Storage spawns stuff.
Spontaneous generation, does exist.  I'm sorry, Louis Pasteur.   You're just wrong.

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