Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good news.

We will be moving out of our house on September 14th and moving into our new house on September 24th.
I'd love to show you photos of our new house, but it's currently occupied, so I feel like it would be a violation of privacy for a complete stranger to post photos of a house without ownership rights yet.

Our new house is a 1960's rambler, directly across from a school playground.
With a garage.
And a livable-in basement.
Quite a bit different than our house from 1882 with a dirt basement and no garage.

Once we've closed on the house I can tell you about the entire basement being a shrine devoted to Michael Jordan.
Let that cat out of the bag.
Lighted display case filled with Air Jordans in the laundry room.
Newspaper clippings covering walls of a basement bedroom.
Posters draping every wall space possible.
Michael Jordan baby paraphernalia.

Movie posters for Space Jam?!

Ah well.
Let's just say that certain element of the decor did not have any sway in our final choice in houses.

Right now we're again in a purging mood, so if you're in need of any junk or good stuff, come by our house.  We'll hook you up.
We don't specialize in Michael Jordan paraphernalia, though.  

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