Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our first "new thing."

My boys are so emo.  And in angst.  Donations for future therapy accepted.
I'm working on getting a Pinterest board together with some of our planned learning experiences---things we've never done.   We tried to do one on Saturday.  We had planned to visit a local chocolate factory, but we failed to check the facebook page of the business....and it just went from being retail to online only in January.  Missed that boat!

Ah well, this one is a more for sure bet.
We're going to participate in a local CSA project for the first time this summer/fall.  (I know I have mentioned this little farm on this blog before, but I can't find the post right now...)We have little time to garden with our business and two younguns, but we do love our veggies, shopping locally, and supporting small businesses.  (See how that one fits in with one of my words of the year, "health"?  I'm tricky like that...)   The last time we visited that farm, a cow licked Million, and he's been a little traumatized since then (repeatedly bringing it up at random...and at one point when he stepped outside and smelled manure on a hot summer day bawling and howling "I smell a cow!"), so I intentionally chose THAT farm to do CSA with in hopes that we can get him to bravely conquer that fear. 

On the docket for some of our other projects we also have basic rocket launching, kite constructing, boat sailing, lighthouse visiting, camping, clay oven building, butterfly garden visiting, etc.   I did find this list of 50 things you're supposed to do with your kids in the Twin Cities before they grow up...and we might incorporate some of those activities...

When I get a pinterest board made up, I'll share it here.  And you all can suggest other ideas I maybe haven't thought of... Because you're wonderful like that.

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