Monday, February 11, 2013

The Work Is Never Done

A Day's Work.
That is the more photogenic part of my day.

The other half is comprised of one infant, sick with a cold.
And one toddler, also snotty-nosed, who composed a song entitled "Daddy loves me more than mommy because he gave me a cheese stick" while being disciplined today (after much, much grace was extended.)
I haven't yet told him that his soulful performance does not merit a Grammy Award.

Days like these seem to happen right after I congratulate myself on achieving a new level of ease or transition into this stage of life.
*I can take the two boys into a store by myself! Golly! I must be amazing!*
*Don't look now...but both boys napped at the same time.  I'm pretty good at this gig.*
*I can parent AND cook at the same time...this is extraordinary!*
*Look at me! I'm being all teacher-ish and teaching the boys about sprouts and weather.  They'll be so smart!*

Consistently humbled.


  1. I love your blog. : ) It echoes some things happening in the Gregory household. : )

  2. You and me both heather.... Humbled every day.