Thursday, January 3, 2013

Naptime Notations

HA. Both boys napped for two hours today.  
At the same time.
I feel like superwoman.  
Because I felt so good about my capabilities today, you get a blog post.  
Lucky you.
Excessively manly boots...cough cough...and wool longies.
Michael has surprisingly fallen in love with prefold diapers...I guess it's just one of those second-child-makes-you-a-little-more-open-to-trying-new-stuff things (for me, that is... I was the one who was scared of prefolds to begin with.)  What Michael *really* loves is the existence of wool longies.  Those little pants up above.  We've got three pairs, all made out of old sweaters by independent craftswomen on Etsy.  Wool has antibacterial properties as a diaper cover, so you don't have to wash as often, and also retains moisture really well.  And the little pants are great for our cold Minnesota winters.

And I just get a kick out of my manly man touting the virtues of longies.
One of the few photos that I can see "me" in.
And tra la la! I got our baby announcements ordered today.  I'm a productive member of society, once again!
For a while, I thought about doing monthly photo shoots for Creedence.  Those cute ones you see on Pinterest.  But I decided against it.  Because with one child who didn't come home until he was a toddler and another adoption underway, it would only serve to draw attention to Creedence being our (currently) only birth child.  What we ARE doing is replicating some photo shoots with Creedence, like wearing a Santa hat (someone took a picture of Million in a Santa hat at his first Christmas) and pictures with landmarks around our city that we took pictures of when we were getting ready to fly to Million.

His hair WAS perfect for...half an hour today...but no photo evidence of that.
Speaking of Million, he is getting so big.
Physically and intellectually.
The other morning, Creedence was crying, and Million came up and patted his hand and said "Creedence, it will be okay.  Sometimes it's just hard."  
Where did that come from?
He also swears up and down that "daddy and Million will be on our best behavior if we go sledding."  Yeah right.  Think that's going to convince me in negative windchill advisories?  And I'm not so certain about the daddy being on his best behavior part.  :) 
He's also (fingers crossed) potty trained (and our nap/night average is 30% dry).  Or has his parents potty trained.  He's only had one accident in the last week.  He enjoys announcing to the world that he's wearing big-boy undies.  

We're going to re-introduce an old family tradition of going to our library every Thursday night as a family. We used to do that before I got pregnant and before an excessively hot summer involving some medications for Million that required that he not be out in hot weather... 
Anyway, we're ready to start up our tradition once again.

And finally, our t-shirt and sweatshirt fundraiser reprints came in the mail yesterday, and they were correct.  So tomorrow my life will be free of stress, hypothetically speaking.  

And I'm loving that feeling.

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