Monday, October 1, 2012

Exciting News about Soup...

Michael taught Million to make tortillas.

Babywearing Brothers-in-Law.

Million's first time up an apple tree---despite the signs that said "no climbing."
I think this may be the first "belly picture" to hit our blog.  32 weeks.
(I only have about three "belly pictures" in general.)

Okay. After the onslaught of photos, I have an announcement.
I am making comfort food today.

Because....drum roll please... I finally found a cream of chicken soup that is MSG and trans-fat free and has a consistency that produces results I like. 
Take that, Campbell's!

I'd been trying all of the home-made varieties you see on pinterest, but they were either flavorless or too runny.

The one that I found that we like is made by Pacific Natural Foods.  All of the ingredients are organic, but the only ingredient it has that I'm not quite so sure about is rice starch.  I haven't researched the rice starch's nutritional value (or lack thereof), but Michael is 800% certain that it is the active ingredient that gives it the correct Campbell soup consistency.  You know, the consistency that makes sounds like "glop glop glub" when it slides into a bowl?   

(And I'm pretty sure our good food store staff thought we were crazy when we bought 12 little boxes of condensed cream of chicken soup.  Why do all of the easy recipes in the world have cream of chicken soup in them?)

Bring on chicken and rice casserole for lunch. 

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