Friday, September 28, 2012

Conversation With Son While Watching Birds

"Momma, you see the birds?"
"Yes, Million I see them.  What are they doing?"
"Dey eating dare brekfuss.  Dey berrrry hungry."
"Yes, they were hungry.  How do you think they knew that we give them food?"
"Dey sniff it."
"I'm not sure if that's how they knew.  I think they might have known because Daddy makes it a habit to take care of the birds.  Do you know what a habit is?"
"A habit is something we do over and over and over again until we get ourselves used to doing something.  Just like we always talk about the day before you go to sleep at night."
"And den mebbe we snuggle?"
"Yes.  Sometimes we snuggle, but most days we make it a habit to pray for somebody and kiss and hug mommy and daddy good night."
"And dennnnnnn we go to sleep?"
"Yes.  That's one of our habits.    Daddy makes it a habit to take care of the birds, and they make it a habit to keep coming back for their food.  They trust Daddy to provide for them."
Most days, I try to teach my son something, and I end up learning the lesson.

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