Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update On Illegal Thoughts and What Million's Up To Lately

Update on yesterday's conundrum: I ended up bringing Million in with me... I just waited for some old man (80+ years) to come out of the post office and asked him to hold the door for us.  Million was happy because he got a sucker out of the deal from the post office employee.

This is Million's favorite song, currently.
I got so incredibly sick of Baby Beluga and The New Testament Song, and my sister posted it on my facebook wall because she thought I'd like it.

Million's favorite stanza is about the stars and the moon, and he can sing many of the words.

And it's just cute to hear him say "we bewong togebber."

This is the part of the post where I'm supposed to say I was providing my son with an intentional multisensory experience, which also taught him about natural wood processing and the importance of remaining close to the source of most products in our lives.

The truth is: I was going to use him for advertising purposes for Michael's crate business.  And he started tearing the basil leaves and rosemary leaves off of my herbs before I could finish setting up our little photo shoot.  

In other news, my son just squished an entire tub of Playdoh into his hair.  The joys of independent play.

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