Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Lesson Learned In My Group Midwife Session

I had my second group midwife session yesterday.
(I missed one accidentally, so this should have been my third.)
Attendance was much more sparse, but it is August in Minnesota---the time of the year when people take any last vacation days up at their cabins that they can.

Halfway through the session, I found myself jealous of my two boys who were doubtless eating supper and reading books, while I got to learn that it is not good to wear underwire bras while nursing because they can cause clogged ducts which lead to mastitis.  Fun stuff.  The things I suffer, right?

Actually, after wading through my jealousy for a bit, I was humbled.  I was reminded of how many things I have to be grateful for.

I am being educated.

Isn't that humbling to think about?
Many millions of women don't have access to and perinatal education.
Many millions of women who have access to prenatal "education" can't even read the pamphlets they are given as their education (or speak the language of their educator).
I have easy and instant access to a very large team of midwives, doctors, surgeons, nurses, lab technicians, pediatricians, where some countries have doctor to patient ratios of 1:hundred thousands.

It would be easy to forget those women who have no prenatal care if I didn't have two beautiful brown eyes sparkling at me every day.  If those beautiful brown eyes didn't come with a story that is etched in my soul.  God forgive my selfishness. 

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