Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Day Coming Up

This is just a warning that my next post will likely be a tutorial (probably more like a bunch of pictures with some mild commentary) of the "art" of distressing wood.  We have an order for a wedding that should turn out beautifully, and tonight and tomorrow are the days for us to make it happen, since Michael is on call and we're chained for this week to our high-speed internet locale.

While on the DIY topic, I'm playing around with this technique.  We have a tiny crate that gets all of my experiments done on it.  My own little Frankenstein.  (See below.) Michael has a much better eye for font size and pre-visualizing than I.  I'm not supremely happy with my nap-time adventure in ink transfer, but for a first shot, I'm content that it shows up on stain without acrylic behind it.

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