Saturday, August 18, 2012

Distressing News

Our weekend fun:  Distressing wood.  (Tutorial we initially based our distress-age off of, found here.)

Michael has an order for distressed/rustic-looking crates to decorate a wedding cake table along with white china.  Isn't that a cute idea?  I'm glad I got married before Pinterest and Etsy, or my wedding would not have stayed in our budget.

For fun, you get to see pictures of our adorable family on the prowl for stain and wood for this particular order.... Every good DIY post has to have a little visit to the home improvement store, right?   I even threw in a little interview with Million (with his honest to goodness answers) for a charming touch.  I'll hopefully get pictures of the finished product this weekend.

Mommy: Hey, Million! What are we doing here at the home improvement store?
Million: We're seeing Daddy.
Mommy:  What is this can of stain for?
Million: At home.  Daddy use stain at home.
Mommy: What do people do with Daddy's crates?
Million: The lady hold it.  She hold it nicely.
Okay then.

Happiest place on earth.

Scouting out the deals in the stain aisle.

Getting a teeny bit bored while daddy looks for a natural sealant. Mommy pulls the "look at your picture on the back of the camera" trick.

Free paintbrushes.  Always exciting.

Michael looking pretty intense with his 1x12. 

One is disappointed because he doesn't get to ride in a lumber carrier, and one is practicing his  Zoolander face.

So moving onto actually distressing the brand-spanking-new wood.

Our tools:
bag of screws
screw drivers
palm sander

Million learning to palm sand.

Harnessing a 2-year-old's energy.

Pre-stain distressing.

Following the distressing, we applied stain and then nearly immediately wiped it off.  The stain stayed behind, lurking in the cracks and crevasses of our wood.

Since our customer requested sealant also, that was our final step before packaging and shipping.
There you have it.  A couple hours in the life of our family.

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