Monday, August 13, 2012

Illegal Thoughts

Today, I'm braving a new world in my head.

The thing is... Michael has had two more orders for crates, and I need to get them shipped out this morning.
And I have a 2-year-old.

Last week when I was shipping Michael's orders, I did the whole carry a huge 25 pound box in one hand, hang on to my squirmy boy's hand with the other, and kick the post office door open.

Yes I did.

Chuck Norris style.
Only a pregnant Chuck Norris whose sense of balance and coordination is less than graceful.

Today, since I have more than one bulky box to carry, I'm toying with the idea of driving the van all of two blocks to the post office, leaving Million in his carseat, locked in the van, and taking the 3 minutes it takes to mail a package sans toddler as my morning breather.

But I've read it's illegal to leave your child in the car unattended.  (My parents must be some of the world's worst criminals, because I'm pretty sure they left four kids in the car unattended on many occasions.)

But my justification is that I will be able to see the car from the post office window.

Tell me, have any of you left kids unattended in your car?


  1. Yes. I've left the car on, the air conditioner (or heater) running, and the doors locked.

    In my small town, we can call the post office to tell them the situation and ask if anyone can help carry the items into the building. Tell them you are pregnant -- with a toddler.

    Crying sometimes helps the situation, too.

  2. Is it really? Hmm. My guy is stuck with one parent. The car is not the only place he's been able to survive alone...