Saturday, August 11, 2012

Raise Your Hand If...

I remember the "raise your hand if you __________" game.  Did you ever play that?  When I was a little girl in first or second grade, we would play it all the time.  At the lunch table.  It was unfortunate to sit at the end of the lunch table, because if you didn't hear the completion of the "raise your hand if" message, you might be branded as weird.
Or the whole world laughed at you because you didn't think Justin Bleachout* was stinky.

I feel like playing it again, but I have no one else in the room to raise his or her hand.
Raise your hand if you're ready for fall...
(Heather raises hand, by herself.)

Hey, this kind of game is handy.  No one can make fun of me....I can hear the ends of all of the phrases.  I'm not branded as weird! Maybe I should play this more often! consider serious therapy.  As long as I don't get into the "[insert secretive phrase], pass it on!" game, I think I'm fine.

In any case, I am ready for fall.
So much so that I've got granny smith apples begging me to make them into apple crisp.
And a man and a boy who would like some "apple christmas" as Million calls it.

But today is not the day.  We've got too much on our plates.
And by too much, I mean going to a bagel shop, a construction garage sale, and a potluck.
Sounds rough, right?
Apple Christmas might have to wait until tomorrow.
Raise your hand if you want some.

*Name changed to protect identity.  

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