Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Day: Homemade Stain Results

Here's the result of one of our homemade stains.  This one in particular is vinegar and steel wool left sitting together for a couple weeks.  It actually darkened quite a bit more after this photo was taken, but we brushed very liberally, so it might be like this if you brushed some and then quickly rubbed it off.

Here's my other inspiration of the evening.  A scrap pack from my favorite fabric store.  Guess who is going to have new throw pillows in her living room for a Christmas present?  And maybe some new hot pads if she can be motivated enough?  I'm going to go out of my sewing comfort zone and try to make some ruffles, because gosh darn it all when baby boy is born in November I just might need some ruffles around to remind me that girls do indeed exist.  

1 comment:

  1. hey, that stain looks really good!

    And, speaking of girls (yes, they do exist...) I'm sorry I haven't had a chance earlier to congratulate you on your forthcoming EXTRA addition to your family! Such great news - can't wait to see how things unfold! xxx