Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bravery and Don Knotts

I am not a brave person.
Adventuresome, yes.  Quirky, yes.  Crazy, occasionally.  Entrepreneurial and visionary, yes.
Brave, no.

I am the type of person who sits down on the edge of a zipline and eases myself off.
Michael does running leaps off the edge of zipline towers.
His bravery and my visionary get us into a lot of "fun" situations, I tell you.

I am a person whose daring stunt of last week consisted in talking to old lady strangers in public restrooms and in bulk food aisles at health stores.  
I'm scared of our basement.  Not in a "there might be dead bodies in our basement freezer" kind of way...more in a "it's a dirt basement, and there might be mice or spiders" kind of way.  This becomes very inconvenient when our power goes out and the water heater goes with it.  I'd rather simply not shower until Michael comes home than go down to the basement and flip one switch.

Million has been dealing with some new fears lately.  So have I.

This week has been and will be big week.
And big weeks sometimes make my stomach hurt and mind busy, when I think about all of the ramifications of the many decisions that are made.  But I have to take heart that I'm not a guest presenter at any large public outings.  That would be Michael's job for this week.

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