Monday, August 6, 2012

Dancing About $1.30

I did a little hop and a skip this morning.
One of my/our many little side gigs actually made some money.
Don't you go thinking I'm rich and snobby now.
I made $1.30 on Amazon, after I shipped a used book to someone.
(Don't spend it all in one place, right?)
I have so much  fun experiencing the many sides of business management that I never thought I'd be doing, given my educational background in music and ministry.
After I got back from the post office, I got an e-mail for one of our other side gigs asking about a potential custom order.
It was a perfect start to a week for our little entrepreneurial family.

Both Michael and I really value the learning experiences we've had while trying our hand at new things this year.  We're growing and being (sometimes uncomfortably) stretched.  Michael, in particular, is learning a whole new area of business and marketing.

The area that I struggle most with in our many businesses is packaging/labeling/making products look good.
Some people have that knack.
I don't.
Can I say that any more definitively?  I absolutely don't.
But I'm trying so very hard to learn

Through this all, we're trying to teach Million a lot of life lessons by example.

i.e.  "It's okay to fail."  and "Scary things can be fun."  and "You'll never know unless you try."

I don't know if he'll catch on to these lessons at this stage in life, but I hope we continue to be adventurous and self-driven enough to keep educating ourselves and keep trying new things all throughout our lives.

And I hope we maintain our sense of humor.
Because some of our mistakes and failures are downright humorous.
Especially a day later.   

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