Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meal #1: Bagel Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries

Our first flexitarian meal was a huge success.  
Michael found this recipe, and we adapted it in very minor ways. (Involving mincing pickles so Million wouldn't complain and shredding his lettuce along with using a different kind of bagel, cheese, and cream cheese.)  The basic concept was the same, and we gave it an A+.  I took pictures of one of the "adult" sandwiches, so you could actually tell what the ingredients were.  

I made us some seasoned sweet potato fries which were also a hit.  

If it says anything, our 2-year-old bird-like-eater ate three-quarters of a bagel sandwich and about 1/4 cup of sweet potato fries.  And it was healthy!

I'm almost hesitant to make any food today because last night's meal was so good.
Superstitious much?  
I've been looking at vegetarian boards on pinterest, but it seems that even vegetarian boards are 70% junk food/dessert and only 30% actual dinner recipes.  Pinterest will be responsible for a rise in obesity, I'm certain.  But it will creep on us every so silently in beautifully colored and wonderfully flavored superbowl party hors d'oeuvres..  

After dinner, I was privileged to see my husband working on a project once again.
This time he's building me little mini-crates.  

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  1. Those sweet potato fries look delicious!!! Would you be willing to share the recipe? :)