Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Flexitarian Life For Us

Collard greens
Green onions
Bell peppers
Red Onions
Sweet Potatoes
Baby Carrots
Whole Carrots
Granny Smith Apple
Spaghetti Squash

That's a sample of our grocery cart this morning.
When we got to the very last item and it was a pork shoulder roast, the checkout lady gave me a double-take....like "wait...aren't you supposed to be a vegetarian?"

This morning, I found a word to describe what Michael has set a goal for our family to become...it apparently was voted one of the most useful words of 2003, and I hadn't heard of it until this morning.


No, blogger spell correct, not egalitarianism.  I know what that means, and it's nowhere close.


It's a person who consciously chooses for whatever reason to eat mostly vegetarian meals.  They are not against eating meat or dairy products but eat them on selective occasions.  For us, it will probably look like vegetarian weekdays and meat-eating weekends, because we visit family the most on weekends, and our families love meat.

Michael has chosen this path for us.  His plan is through February, and by that time, I think we will safely have found enough vegetarian recipes to satisfy our palates.  

I'm not opposed to the lifestyle change.  I've been trending towards whole foods for the last several years and to make this switch should be relatively straightforward and a fun adventure.   I won't say that I wasn't a little sad to think of saying a more permanent goodbye to weeknight chicken tenders, but I want our boys to grow up in the minority in America---boys who eat and love produce.  

So with all that said, I should have a new topic to blog about occasionally---our failures and successes with our flexitarian lifestyle.

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  1. Weekend Chicken Tenders taste the same as Weekday Chicken Tenders...:)