Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lumberjacks and Mr. Jackson

I haven't posted a video on our blog lately.
I have several that showcase Million's vocabulary far more than this one, but he's all boy in this one, and it makes me smile.
This blog isn't supposed to be a brag blog anyway.

And after this morning's grocery shopping episode, I'm not sure I can rightfully brag.

I was THAT mom this morning.
The one with the toddler shredding the cereal boxes we hadn't even purchased yet.
The one with the toddler announcing to all passerbyers (very proudly, I might add) that he was going to be the recipient of some discipline when we got back to the car.

In more positive news, we'll be celebrating Million's birthday this month---a little early--but he won't notice.  He's having a Peter Rabbit birthday party, as he's in love with all things Beatrix Potter right now---especially (and disturbingly) Mr. Jackson.  He goes around saying "Tiddly widdly widdly, Mrs. Tittlemouse." 

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