Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trying Not To Shudder When I Watch Leo Sayer Dance

We watch The Muppet Show around here.
Million loves it.
It's the only "TV" besides Tangled, one song from SchoolHouse Rock,some football games, and the first 15 minutes of Singin' In the Rain he's seen, to my knowledge.

He's vastly contented with Muppet Show.
He says "wokka wokka" and "kissie kissie Kermie" as part of his daily vocabulary.

They've never ruined one of my favorite songs until a few nights ago.
Usually they improve my favorite songs.
Perhaps it wasn't the Muppets who ruined it, but the actual visualization of Leo Sayer singing.

In other news: Leo Lioni disappointed me two nights ago.  Have you ever read "Frederick?"
Here's a youtube version of it.  I'm not much of a book review writer; I leave that to my more talented friends.  You can try to surmise why it might have disappointed me.

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