Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who Are You, Really?

This was going to be one of those lovey dovey swallow a kool-aid packet dry, just because you like the flavor and because it dyes your tongue a cool color kinds of posts.
I was going to write about what a great man Michael is.

Then I remembered two things:
1. He doesn't even read this blog.
2. It might be more effectual to tell him in person. (Duh!)

Then I got to thinking about online identity formation and what we choose to portray to the world in which words and photos precisely.  Online identiy is sneaky.  You can look like a good wife on your husband's facebook wall but still nag him about picking up his socks. (For the record, not one of Michael's faults.)  You can rave about coupons and how much money you save but still be putting that money "saved" into unwise decisions that you just don't tell anyone about.  You can look extra-spiritual by using words like "grace and thanks" and being a mini-Ann Voskamp (when I'm sure she would rather you were a mini-Christ), but you can still be judgmental and critical and ungrateful in your private life.  You can make yourself into a Martha Stewart or a child psychologist or a kindergarten-teacher-cute mom---when you're really just like the rest of us: trying, failing often, and sometimes succeeding.

This is the opposite of integrity.
I'm not saying it would be entirely wise to air out all of your dirty laundry on facebook or on your blog.
(It might be healthy to do it privately.)
However, it might be a good choice to evaluate who you're portraying and who you really are.

I'm going to start by praising my husband to his face more than I do online.

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  1. Love this post.
    Just added your blog to my blog list. :)
    Lost touch with your blog for a bit for some glad I found it again!!
    I love the picture on your header. The socks are adorable!! :)