Monday, February 13, 2012

What I've Missed Blogging About (And Valentine's Day)

Things I missed blogging about:
1. Million being home for six months.
2. Washing our 1000th diaper.
3. The Superbowl. 
4. The Grammys.
5. Whitney Houston's death.
6. A couple weeks(?) of my Pinterest Thursdays.  Woops.

Today was Michael's last day of work in his job of the past 5-1/2 years.  Wednesday he starts his new (business formal attire only) career.  This will take some adjustment. 

We will also be having our 6-month post placement visit later on this month. 

My parents came over this past weekend and helped with many projects around our house to get our house "market ready" in the next year.  My dad helped Michael put up some trim and repair a hole in our dining room ceiling.  My mom touched up some paint and trim, and then both of my parents helped me with this.
We took our old border down in our kitchen and are looking for a new paint color, probably grey.  Don't you love the grape motif that was there when we bought the house?

I finally finished my yellow pair of socks (after two years).  Take it from me, never leave two years between starting and finishing a pair of socks.  They might not turn out the same size, if your knitting becomes more loose over the years.

A while back, an internet friend kindly sent me a knitting book.  Since I've finished my pair of socks, I plan on making this quick little sweater for a niece, due to be born in May.

We'll be making lotion in our house again tomorrow.  We're adding a scent this time, to spice it up a touch.  We like to live on the wild side.  

Lastly, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow.  I just wanted to write here before all of the sap and sentimentality that drips tomorrow that I'm so grateful for another person in my arms to love this year.  

I've been contemplating 1 John 3: 16-18 today. 
16By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers. 17But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? 18Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

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