Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Proclamations From Our Stuffy Kingdom

A video, a few weeks old, just because you wanted to see my son try to read a book and sing songs with a banana in his mouth.   

We're classy.

(He has since learned to pronounce "horse" a little more like "or?", always said as a question, not a statement.) 

For the last three days, our entire family has been waylaid by a head cold.  We're choosing to be grateful that it hit all three of us at once instead of in phases.  

Million's current favourite game is to run around our counter after either BonAmi or I and say "I get you!"  Million also loves my yarns, especially pushing them around in his Tonka truck.
This is a turkish yarn that I picked up for free (with a stellar coupon.)
He likes to say "turkey yawn."
It will become some socks for him after I finish a little sweater. 

This is a strawberry lemonade scone.  If I were to write a list of one thousand gifts like Ann Voskamp, I'm pretty sure 996 of them would be about this scone recipe.    Or about Ruby Tuesday's strawberry lemonade.  

I've been reading a lot of books lately, but it seems that Michael is making much more progress in the book department than I am.  Probably because he only reads two books at a time....and I...read more than that.  

I like to have a buffet of books.  A Smörgåsbord.  A nibble of this, a tad of that. 
That way, when I've had an exhausting day, I don't have to delve into a parenting book.  Or I can choose to delve into a parenting book to find out what I did "wrong."  Ahem.  
Or I can just avoid that and read books that I'll need for the future. 
Or I can skip reading books and play mindless games of solitaire after bedtime until I fall asleep.

Things they don't tell you about parenting #72: Baby Beluga is scientifically proven to overstimulate mommies' brains after the 83rd time singing it in a row.  
Things they don't tell you about parenting #73: Raffi is on at least one mommy's hit list.

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