Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eating (And the Other Things We Do In Life)

And my first attempt at homemade marinara sauce turned out well. 

Someone loves oatmeal.
And feeding himself the maybe 25% that actually makes it to his mouth.
So much so that I found him in another room praying "Dear God thank you for oatmeal, Amen" yesterday.  (Either we eat too much oatmeal, or we need to work on prayers being at times other than meal times.)

Pumpernickel bread.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love using our bread machine on the "dough" setting and then pulling it out and either braiding or shaping it into "artisan" loaves?  No?  I haven't mentioned that?  Well, I do.   It is a great self-esteem booster and makes me feel much fancier than I know I am.

We do other things besides eating.
We learn about good and bad attitudes.
We learn that Curious George is naughty because he touched something that an adult told him not to touch.
We sing Baby Beluga (and sing it again and again.)
We read Beatrix Potter books and count Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter Rabbit and find Peter's ears sticking out of a watering can.
We gallivant around in the middle of snowstorms looking at farm properties that we might consider buying.  Ahem.
We also exercise.
We watch birds in our backyard.
Million fingerpaints.
We read adult books too.  Michael is loving this one.  I'm reading/studying this one.
We wait for Michael's new job to start in two weeks.
And we also play a lot of Solitaire together as a couple.  Just keeping it real, here, folks.

In all of our doing, I every now and then have to pull myself away and remind myself of the grand purposes and intentions behind why we do what we do.
And in those moments, I often find some superfluous habits that have snuck into my daily routine.
And I find character flaws like dishonesty (I've been working on not telling Million "in a minute" or "just a second", because usually those aren't my most honest statements.  It's a hard habit to break.)

May your day be filled with many blessed doings and beings, and may your doings and beings reflect what you want them to. 

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